Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Sri Lanka seek new global laws to fight terrorism

Sri Lanka pressed ahead Tuesday with a global seminar aimed at sharing its practice of defeating terrorism despite a boycott campaign and new claims that its troops committed war crimes.
The seminar entitled “Defeating Terrorism, Sri Lankan Experience” is co-sponsored by China, but rights groups have called for a boycott and main nations such as the United States and Japan have stayed away.
A massive military offensive crushed the country’s Tamil Tiger separatists two years ago, bringing an end to ethnic violence for the first time in decades but also luminous allegations of war crimes.
On Monday, a UN envoy confirmed that a video allegedly depicting Sri Lankan troops executing Tamil Tiger rebels was authentic and that the actions constituted “definitive war crimes” that should be investigated.
A panel of experts advising UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon concluded last month that there were “credible allegations” of government forces shelling civilians and hospital and killing surrendering rebels. Sri Lanka has denied that any civilians were killed and believes it is being unfairly targeted after successfully ending a war that claimed an estimated 100,000 lives amid normal suicide bombings of government targets.


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