Thursday, June 2, 2011

Bin Laden’s death was not an end to terrorism

President Barack Obama televises confirmation of Osama bin Laden’s death in his May 1, speech, at the White House. "Justice has been done," he said to viewers.
The death of Bin Laden brought crowds outside of the White House, in Times Square and at West Point which celebrates this victory.
“His death was a symbolic victory in the world. Bringing him to justice in some format required to happen” said Social Studies teacher Mr. Daniel Vinat.
President Obama has met with the National Security Council to discuss the quest of bin Laden, and on early April 29, he gave orders to plan an assault on his suspected position. The President issued last orders the next morning.
Bin Laden’s life was not the only one taken by United States armed forces. Three male adults, one being a son of bin Laden and are also said to have been killed. Also, one woman, who was used as a protect by a male combatant, was killed and two other women were injured (
Moments after Obama’s speech, the U.S. was put on aware by the State Department and warned of the heightened possibility for anti-American violence.


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