Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Need to know about terror

How should usual notions of terrorism be modified to accommodate the new phenomena of cyberterrorism? definition of terror: "a symbolic act designed to influence political behavior by extra normal means, entailing the use or threat of violence."

a. Symbolic Violence - Terrorism, it is frequently noted, is the weapon of the weak against the strong. Terror is utilized to overcome apparently insurmountable odds facing terrorists if they were to pursue their cause with conventional military means.

b. Influence on political behavior – It is an "act designed to power political behavior." This portion of the definition focuses on political terrorism vice other forms, such as illegal or pathological terrorism.

c. Extranormality - The extranormality of terrorist means and targets is grave to understanding the effectiveness of terrorist violence.

d. Violence - The final element of terror, "entailing the use or threat of violence" deserves close attention as the ability to intimidate or use physical violence in cyberspace is nonexistent.

[V]iolence is defined as the illegal use or threatened use of coercion resulting, or intended to result in, the death, injury, restraint or intimidation of persons or the destruction or attack of property.


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