Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Conceptual of terrorism

The growing ubiquity of computers and their related networks is propelling the worked into the information age. Computers may revolutionize terrorism in the same manner that they have revolutionized everyday life.

Terrorism in the information age will consist of conventional terrorism, in which classic weapons (explosives, guns, etc.) will be used to demolish property and kill victims in the physical world; technoterrorism, in which classic weapons will be used to destroy communications targets and cause a disruption in cyberspace; and cyberterrorism, where new weapons (malicious software, electromagnetic and microwave weapons) will function to destroy data in cyberspace to cause a disruption in the physical world.

The advent of cyberterrorism may force a shift in the definition of terrorism to include both disruption and violence in cyberspace in the equal manner as physical destruction and violence. Through the use of new technology, terrorist groups may have fewer members, yet still have a worldwide reach, the increasing power of computers may lower the threshold of state sponsorship to a point where poor states can become sponsors and rich states are no longer essential for terrorist groups to carry out complex attacks.


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