Friday, July 22, 2011

The Challenge of Terrorism to India's Infrastructure and Economy - II Expo & Conference

Security Watch India’s, The Challenge of Terrorism to India's Infrastructure and Economy - II - Expo & Conference is first-of-its-kind exposition and conference for those responsible for protecting others from the threats posed by international terrorism and sub-state violence. In October 2011, it will bring together world’s leading expertise and cutting-edge technology to one of the world’s largest homeland security market – India. In addition, it will provide a unique opportunity to access world’s latest, most innovative and highly relevant ideas that to the professionals, who are involved with this dynamic and ever-changing task of providing homeland security, to help them deliver against this menacing challenge.
This two-day conference & expo will be a novel learning experience for security experts to exchange ideas and expose themselves to emerging understandings and practices in their specific sub-fields. While the central focus of the conference will be challenges of business continuity and urban terrorism, issues like modernization of Indian security infrastructure, mass transit protection and critical infrastructure security will also receive considerable attention.
The exposition complimenting the conference will not only be the showcase of state-of-the-art technologies from around the globe for security professionals from the Indian Government and the private sector to familiarize themselves with. It will also be a unique opportunity for developers of these technologies to understand and adapt according to what can soon be the biggest market for their technology on the planet.
SWI has been a catalyst for thought leadership in the field of Indian Homeland Security for the last two years. Its events, held regularly in every part of the world, are recognized as foremost learning opportunities for security professionals and are held in high esteem. This event is the flagship event of Security Watch India and represents culmination of a two-year long discussion that SWI has carried forward involving all stakeholders in various parts of the world.


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